4 Dec 2020

Freddie Crabs in a Brief Escape

The classic pairing of fashion and music meets again in the newest collection of our Escape Briefs. 

Escape Briefs Mens Swimwear

We’ve teamed up with Australian indie rock legend Freddy Crabs of Sticky Fingers notoriety to release a raucous fun range of briefs, designed locally.  
The famed keys player was the perfect choice to front up as the face of the range who is known for his ability to get away with wearing almost anything from the pool to the bar. 

Describe your sense of style? 

My style is one of embracing my strengths, and loving my weaknesses. Accentuate the sex appeal that lies within us all. Believe it or not, at home I’m happy just to stay in, eat some fresh cold cuts, and practise my piano. But when outside, I know it brings immense joy to everyone to see my strong and masculine handlebar, my form fitting vintage shirts, and of course my patented training shorts.

Do you have a favourite piece from the range? 

My favourite piece is obviously the BBQ Prawn or the banana print. It reminds me of playing my portable melodica in the fresh cold French mountains. I was wearing only my speedos, but I wasn’t cold. That’s the power of the human spirit.

What is your favourite memory of summer? 

My favourite summer memory is the January of 2016.  I was bronzed and olive from the kiss of the sun. When I walked down the street, free fish burgers would be offered with a “love what you’re doing Crabby!” And the seltzer’s ran on tap. It wasn’t the outside though that made it good. It was my soft inner inside, full of life and health and joy. I was becoming who I am, and there is nothing better I’ve learnt Over the years than embracing the crab within. 

What are you looking forward to? 

I’m a doer and a waiter. Sometimes it’s time to wait things out, and sometimes it’s time to claw your nippers into action. At the moment I’m coming out of a waiting time into an action time, where I’m starting to scuttle into new ideas and new frontiers. I’m looking forward to creating from the independence of just one, just me, just Mr Woppa. The real King Boppa. I plan to continue collaborating with the many: the Mad Proppa Deadlies, the dopers and the chefs. But the main thing I’m looking forward to right now is a Shvitz and a dip in my city of Sydney - the postcard city.
These briefs are Made for Rockstars and yours to keep. 

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