The Speedo Guide to Kid’s Swimwear

With the school holidays and term 3 swim lessons round the corner, what should you look for when buying kids swimwear?

boys jammer

There are 4 key features to think about, the 3 F’s fit, feel, fabric and also sun protection.  

First of all you want to get a great fit as kids will wear their swimming togs all summer, for some, it will be there number 1 piece of clothing throughout the hotter months as they jump in and out of the back yard paddling pools, pools, sprinklers and slip & slides and that’s before they’ve even hit the beach! 

So you want to be sure you have a great fitting suit, no sagging and no chafing as they will be moving around a lot in these swimmers. Our toddler and junior ranges go from size 1 to size 14 with a cross over. While they line up to average age pretty well we’d always recommend measuring and checking out our size charts here.

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That leads us to feel and fabric which come hand in hand. The fabric needs to be strong and chlorine resistant as you know the kids are going to #PlayHard in this gear. At the same time the fabric needs to be soft enough for the swimwear to comfortable because you want them to get wear after wear out of their bathers! 

girls swimwear

Our world famous Endurance+ fabric is the main fabric of our kid’s swimwear and is 100% chlorine resistant as well as feeling great wear after wear. In addition to that we use chlorine resistant thread to stitch everything together (not everyone knows that’s important too!) and ensure they literally don’t fall apart at the seams, all this means our swimwear is the best long lasting chlorine resistant kid’s swimwear that’s #BuiltToLast.

Finally and still very important is sun protection. All of our kids rashies, sun tops or toddler all in one sun suits are UPF rated for the best protection possible in the sun. We also have sun hats and remember to re-apply sunscreen regularly after swimming for the bits that aren’t covered! Gear up and get swimming. 

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