6 reasons to go for a swim

6 million people enjoy the benefits of swimming regularly* – so why not join them? We’ve put together 6 reasons why you should…

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6 tips for getting back into swimming

Excited to get back in the swimming pool once they reopen? Here are our top tips to get yourself back into it.

#SwimOn with Coach Camilla Bazley & Team Speedo

You can take us out of the water but you can’t slow us down! #TeamSpeedo Fitness Coach Camilla Bazley shares her dry land workouts to keep us moving and motivated.

Look Good. Feel Eco Friendly.

Learn more about our sustainable, ECO friendly swimwear and check out our sustainability video.

Which goggle lenses are best for you?

Discover which swimming goggles lenses are right for you. At Speedo, we offer a range of goggle lenses suitable for different uses, environments and light conditions.

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While it’s very sad and disappointing for us to see the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics postponed we welcome the chance for all athletes to be given a fair opportunity to train properly as they prepare and work towards a new timing for the Tokyo Olympic Games. Here at Speedo will continue to work closely with athletes and the Australian Olympic Team to provide all the support they need and we can all look forward to what will still be an amazing Olympic Games next year.

Team Speedo let’s talk Corona

Tides have changed and we know that the waters feel a little foggy right now so here's a little update for our Speedo fam.

20 Reasons Why We Love to Swim

Whether it’s to de-stress, to escape, or just for the hell of it. Here’s 20 reasons why we LOVE to swim.

Speedo Partner with Australian Paralympic Team

Here at Speedo we’re excited to announce that we will once again be the sponsors of Paralympics Australia for the fourth consecutive Paralympic Games.

Starlight Super Swim Challenge

As part of its second-ever Super Swim challenge, Speedo & Starlight Children’s Foundation are encouraging Australians around the country to make a positive splash to give back to sick kids.


Speedo and P.E. Nation launch 2019 swimwear collaboration.

Team Speedo 2019 International Champs medal round up

The World Senior and Junior Championships have concluded for 2019 and we are pleased to share Team Speedo results with you as it happened.

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Pacific Games: Fiji Swim Team

The Fiji Swimming Team participated at the Pacific Games in Apia Samoa. The biggest Pacific Games in history was declared, with approximately 5,000 athletes taking part.

New Generation 2019 Fastskin

It took 3 years, 330 swimmers and 350,000 miles to develop our most innovative and advanced range of performance swimsuits and goggles to date. Evolved from our past success, this is a new generation of Speedo Fastskin, developed by swimmers for swimmers; and designed to make you feel unstoppable.

Top 5 Places To Go Swimming On A Date

Where are you taking your date swimming? Places We Swim is all about celebrating the love of swimming, and there are not many more romantic things to do than go for float in a beautiful place with your sweetheart.

Kicking Off The New Year With Coach Camilla Bazley

It's a new year, and there is a new YOU waiting ahead. The BEST is yet to come! The New Year comes with an increase in motivation, and sense of new beginnings. So how do you stay on top of this?

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Fire Up Your Fitness With Speedo Cross Fit

We want to help you kick up your fitness a gear for 2019 with Our Cross Training Range, an innovative work out range designed for women to wear both in and out of the water.

Kendrick Louis The Champion Ironman

After overcoming his fears of the ocean at a young age and working towards a carpentry apprenticeship, Kendrick switched directions to achieve his dream of becoming an IronMan - and he hasn’t looked back since.

Swim Sisters Collaboration

Inspiring women from all backgrounds, walks of life, fitness levels, shapes and sizes to go for a swim.

Increase Your Kids’ Water Confidence On Holiday

Planning on beating the winter chill with the family? Build your child’s water confidence on holiday with our tips and great pool games for kids.

Boost Your Body Confidence When Swimming

Banish body confidence issues and feel more comfortable in your own skin, with our tips for a happier, more confident you.

Yoga For Swimmers

We asked Nicole Walsh, co-founder of Sydney's InYoga studio, to give us five reasons to get our downward dog on before diving in.