Gear up with swimming caps from Speedo!

When seconds count, a top-quality swimming cap really counts. Sleek and smooth, a good swimming cap reduces drag, and will have you cutting through the water like a champion. Speedo swim caps have been trusted by Olympians for decades, and our current swim accessories collection includes the best swim caps you’ll find in Australia. Also known as bathing caps, Speedo swimming caps stand out from the rest thanks to superior moulded fit, easy on and off, and durable construction. Swim coaches insist on swim caps whether it’s learn-to-swim lessons or squad training, and rightly so. A swim cap increases glide, protects your hair, keeps your goggles in place, and most importantly – when you pull on a swim cap, you know that it’s time for some serious swimming! A quality silicone swimming cap can also help keep you warm for winter swimming. The Speedo brand is synonymous with swimming caps in Australia and you’ll find our online store contains a huge range of colours and competition swim caps that you’ll love to wear for your swim workout.

Why you’ll love these swimming caps

Swimming is the sport for everybody in Australia. Young and old, elite athlete and beginners, the water welcomes us all. Speedo’s range encompasses every type of swimmer. Juniors will love our kids swimming caps that are ideal for swimming lessons or club training sessions. Children love our kids swim caps because they are comfortable to wear and come in a fun range of colours – we have both long-lasting silicone swim caps and soft, quick-drying polyester swim caps for junior swimmers. Swim carnivals are taken care of with a competition swim cap and goggles in school or house colours. Men and women also have a great range of items to choose from. People with long hair will love Speedo’s long hair swim caps, which are made with extra capacity to tuck away long hair. So why will you wear your Speedo swim cap? It could be to protect your hair from chlorine. It could be for a personal best. It could be to show some club spirit. Whatever your reason, you’re sure to find the best swim cap for you in the Speedo Australia online store.

How do I put on a swimming cap?

If you have long hair, tie back your hair in a ponytail or bun. Consider wetting your hair, which makes it easier for the swimming cap to slide over your hair. Some people also put a very thin layer of conditioner or detangler on their hair before putting on their cap. Open the swim cap and hold the two sides open. Bend your head forward, and place the front of the swim cap on your forehead. You should aim for mid-forehead, between your eyebrows and hairline. Now, with your forehead catching the front of your swim cap, use your hands to pull the swim cap back and down to cover the rest of your head. You’re almost there - it’s just a matter of adjustments, now – tuck any stray hairs into your swimming cap and make sure the cap feels good on your forehead and ears. In a swimming race, many swimmers completely cover their ears with their cap or cover their ears halfway. Some people choose not to cover their ears at all. Once you’ve got a fit you’re happy with you’ll find that putting on your swim cap becomes automatic after a while.

Why do Olympic swimmers wear two swim caps?

If you watch professional or elite swimmers before a race, you’ll see that many swimmers wear two swimming caps. Fractions of seconds make a big difference to Australian gold medallists like Ariarne Titmus and Zac Stubblety-Cook, and this is why many choose to wear two swim caps. Wearing two swim caps secures goggles, by preventing goggles coming off if the cap slips off. Some coaches and swimmers also believe that wearing a very tight latex swim cap underneath a durable silicone swim cap reduces drag in the pool, thereby making for the best time possible. For most swimmers, one cap is plenty!

Is there a swim cap that keeps hair dry?

Even the best swimming caps won’t keep your hair completely dry while swimming, but they do protect your hair from absorbing chlorine. A good quality silicone cap is your best bet for drier hair after swimming, and if you’re after a very tight seal, some swimmers wear two caps.

Should I wear my goggles under or over my swim cap?

Most beginner and intermediate swimmers prefer to put their goggles on over their swimming cap, because this feels comfortable and makes the goggles easier to adjust. Advanced, elite or competition swimmers will often put their goggle straps underneath their swim cap, and then pull their cap over their ears. This is to reduce drag and enhance their times. Likewise, some wear two caps and place the goggles in between.