There’s a reason Olympians wear Speedo swimming goggles

As a Bondi born company, Speedo has a long association with the Australian Olympic swimming team. When seconds count, elite athletes know that their Speedo goggles have been designed with decades of research behind every pair.

What does that mean for swimmers? It means that Speedo’s racing goggles have been extensively tested to reduce drag and shave precious seconds of a swim. It means superior anti-fog technology to provide long-lasting performance in the pool. It results in hydroscopic lenses to maximise peripheral vision during a race. It means that Speedo knows that competitive swimmers need to look their best to perform their best. That’s why Speedo swimming goggles are sleek, stylish, and available in a wide range of tints and colours.

Find the best swimming goggles for you, in our extensive range

There’s no question that life looks better underwater, and whether you’re the next Emma McKeon or just making it count at early morning training, there’s a perfect pair of swimming goggles for you.

Fitness swimmers benefit from Speedo’s IQfit technology, which is based on global head scanning data and results in a more comfortable and contoured fit on every pair of swim goggles. A better fit makes for a leak-proof seal during starts and turns and swimming goggles that hug the eyes and reduce tension on the straps. The Futura Biofuse Flexiseal range of training goggles offers soft, flexible seals for a more cushioned fit around the eye, reducing suction marks at the end of your swim. Split straps disperse tension and can be quickly and easily adjusted. The range includes goggles designed for women, juniors and those with smaller faces. We even have swimming goggles for the littlest water babies; our kids swimming goggles are adjustable, comfortable and available in fun colours and patterns. Triathletes and open water swimmers are well taken care of – Speedo triathlon goggles offer polarised lenses for maximum glare protection when swimming outdoors. In striking colours, tints and shapes our goggles are the ultimate fusion of speed and style and look great paired with a matching swim cap.

People swim for different reasons. When you put on a pair of Speedo goggles, know that you’re in the company of greatness. Shop online for the best swimming goggles, Australia!