Men’s wetsuits from Speedo Australia

Stay warm in the water all year round in this great range of wetsuits for men from Speedo Australia. Master cold water swims in specialised swimming wetsuits that have been designed for warmth and performance. From beginner triathletes to competitive swimmers, our swimming wetsuits have been built for maximum movement and minimal bulk in the water. Speedo competition swimwear is trusted by performance swimmers of all kinds, so when you wear men’s wetsuits from Speedo you’ve got decades of research & development powering every stroke. Designed for open water swimming, our racing suits provide optimal buoyancy and body positioning to assist with stroke efficiency during a race. Push your limits in our men’s wetsuits, Australia! Shop the official Speedo Australia online store to find wetsuits to suit your style of swim.

Glide through the water in full body wetsuits

While wetsuits for surfing are warm, it’s best to use a specially designed swimming wetsuit for comfortable training and racing performance. The best swimming wetsuits for men should have a good rubber-to-neoprene ratio for buoyancy, and plenty of flexibility in the shoulders for a full range of motion. Our men’s wetsuits are made with super high-quality rubber and neoprene that is unsurpassed for comfort and durability. Engineered for competitive surf and ocean sport athletes, wetsuits for men from Speedo are the perfect thickness for swimming and suitable for a broad range of water sports. A full body wetsuit offers the ultimate in warmth and is a great choice for triathletes, divers or other open water enthusiasts. Our full body wetsuits feature innovative body positioning panels to adjust your swim position, and slat cut leg openings to make getting your wetsuit on and off a little quicker! For warmer water triathlons or for sports like SUP or kayaking, consider a sleeveless wetsuit for unrestricted shoulder motion. Getting a great fit couldn’t be simpler with the Speedo size guide to help you find the perfect men’s wetsuit sizing. Dominate the competition in the best wetsuits for men, Australia!