Speedo Swim Workouts

  1. You can choose another level at anytime, so feel free to have a look around.

    • Beginner Sessions

      • From 500m (10 or 20 laps)
      • I’m getting back into swimming
      • I want to build some swim stamina and skills
    • Intermediate Sessions

      • From 750m (15 or 30 laps)
      • I regularly swim for fitness
      • I want to improve my swim skills
    • Advanced Sessions

      • From 900m (18 or 38 laps) to 1k
      • Improve my skills and fitness
      • I want to push myself that bit more
    • Ariarne Titmus's Sessions

      • 1.2km session
      • I’m training for skills and fitness
      • Pool Workout
    • Emma McKeon's Sessions

      • 1.2km Mixed stroke session
      • Focus on technique
      • Pool Workout
    • Zac Stubblety-Cook's Sessions

      • Challenging sessions from 1.2km to 3.3km+
      • I’m training for competitions
      • Pool sessions
    • Sophie Pascoe's Sessions

      • Challenging sessions from 4km to 6km+
      • I’m training for competitions
      • Pool sessions

Swimming for fitness? Here are the swimming exercises Speedo recommends

There’s a reason so many Australians rate swimming as their favourite exercise routine. A swimming training program is low impact and can be enjoyed at any age, it builds both cardiovascular fitness and endurance, and all you need to get started are a good pair of goggles, swimmers and a swim cap.

A swim workout for every level

It can be tough to know how long to swim to get a good workout. Speedo cares deeply about this sport, and we’ve developed a routine that will meet you where you are. If you’re just starting out and looking for a swim workout for beginners, try one of our simple programs that will help you to build strength and develop a good feel for the water. For those who regularly swim for fitness, Speedo’s intermediate swim sets will challenge you and introduce new concepts to shake things up. If you’re a serious swimmer or need a swim workout for a triathlon, competition or ocean race, then look to our advanced swim workouts to build speed and endurance. Intermediate and advanced swim workouts would benefit from some swim gear to kick things up a notch. Every swim training program includes a warm up, main set and cool down.

Some people do a swim workout for weight loss or to cross train for other sports. Others just love the feeling of starting their day gliding through water. Whether you are eight years old or 80, there’s never a better time than today to dive on in.